Handwoven carpetSocial Projects



The above-mentioned social projects will gradually be realized parallel to the activities of SEGAP.

You are welcome to support these social projects:

  • by active assistance in project implementations as voluntary work on-site or from home

  • by active participation in a project you have chosen yourself, so that you are directly present in Siwa

  • by making a donation


PotteryYour commitment, your experience of life and your professional experience is very valuable for us!


Health insurance top


is the first project already implemented. Within the framework of this project, medication, treatment as well as eventual operating costs will be paid for poor people in the oasis of Siwa.

We have founded a charitable organization and established contacts with doctors in Egypt. These specialists, selected by us, will treat people living in poverty and agreed to renounce a part of their fees.

SEGAP will be happy about any donated medication and to pass it on to the sick people.

It is our goal to give a small contribution to the living and medical care of as many destitute people as possible.


Fight against illiteracy top


Donkey-farmDespite the compulsory school attendance up to the 6th class, Egypt still has a high rate of illiteracy, especially among women.

Many people have no work or only minor work on daily wage basis. Since these

workers are illiterate, they have no professional training.

SEGAP tries to give young and even older illiterates a chance to reintegrate themselves into working life, to find a work or a place to train.

Experienced teachers teach the illiterate according to the most modern methods.


Waste disposalWaste disposal top


On one hand, the 25,000 inhabitants of the oasis of Siwa certainly do not produce much trash. On the other hand, the waste disposal is easier to organize than in the Egyptian cities.

Since there is hardly any industry in Siwa, the pollution is very low. The problem is the disposal of plastic items.

Waste separation is planned according to the there existing possibilities. The organic part of the waste shall be treated in a way that it can be used as an natural fertilizer for the organic farming.

HandcraftThe help of the local people and close cooperation with schools and the corresponding local authorities will make the oasis of Siwa a little paradise.


Promotion of women   top


Siwa is famous for its traditional handicrafts (carpets) that are practiced almost exclusively by women.

SEGAP helps women to procure and finance the necessary materials and the tools needed.

SEGAP takes care of the sale of the resulting products

  • at trade fairs and exhibitions organized by charitable organizations
  • in SEGAP controlled stores to be opened in different Egyptian cities
  • Handcraftand through the export to Europe, especially to Germany


From the obtained returns women will get a fair pay, so that they will have a decent living themselves and can provide a good quality of life for their families.

As a medium term target, SEGAP wants to build a school to educate girls in women's manual labor.


Protection of animals (donkey-farm) top


About 15,000 donkeys live in Siwa. Every family has a donkey, even though many of them possess a car or a motorcycle.

Donkeys are part of the everyday life in the oasis of Siwa. They are used as pack animals in the field work and as a means of transport.

Donkey-farmSince many poor families cannot buy a young, vigorous donkey or feed their donkeys properly, many donkeys must slave inspite of being ill, exhausted or old until they die, which means, that many donkeys have an extremely miserable life.

SEGAP wants to improve the life of the donkeys and, at the same time, save the indigenous donkeys from extinction, thus making sure that this tradition continues.
Therefore the founding of an association for the protection of the donkeys is planned as well as the building of a donkey farm. Poor families can then exchange their weak, sick or old animal against a young one with only very little costs.

The donkeys receive medical care and will spend their old age on the farm.


Youth sports top


Young peopleSiwa offers only very few leisure time activities for young people. Sports can help them discover their own abilities and use them properly in everyday life.

There is even a chance to find talented young people who can become professional sportsmen and serve as an example for their friends and other young people.

In Siwa, there is a so-called Olympic Village with various sports fields. SEGAP will make an agreement with the responsible authorities to make these fields accessible to the local people.

In the long run, SEGAP wants to set up a small sports club in each village.


Computer schools top


The knowledge and mastery of modern communication technologies help people to find a good job and to progress further.

With the establishment of a computer school in Siwa, SEGAP wants to make a small contribution.

Regular courses as an introduction into the world of computers will be provided for all interested parties. Lessons will be free of charge as well as  the teaching material.


Productive Donations


In Germany, between 3-5 billions Euro (i.e. 36 to 60 Euro per person) are donated every year to about 600.000 charitable organizations and 15.000 foundations. The German Spendenrat, an association of 64 organizations, declared an income of 2.16 billions Euro of donations for 2008, more than 50% of which can be attributed to donators older than 60 years. A considerable amount comes from private persons, the majority of those donating regularly.


Around the world, millions of people donate for charity reasons, i.e. for a good cause and without this money, many other people would not be able to master their life. People living in poverty receive money from donations and this money is spent im-mediately , which means that donations must be given again and again.


We want to break this vicious circle by turning your donation into productivity, i. e. we help others to help themselves.


The following examples shall give you an idea of our concept of „donating produc-tively“: For a donation of

  • 5 Euro a hen will be bought that produces eggs and chicks
  • 10 Euro a date-palm will be planted bearing fruits after 5 years1
  • 15 Euro an olive tree will be planted bearing fruits after 6 years
  • 150 Euro a goat or a sheep will be bought together with fodder for the whole year, which will bring milk and young ones.


The achieved yields will be invested again in a social project according to your choice. Thus, your donation will have a productive and long-term result.


Join us and support our social projects!!
Together we are strong