Bio-dynamic enterpriseInvestment

Why invest in SEGAP?


In order to help us create a safe future worth living!!


The demand for products from bio-dynamic cultivation is constantly increasing. Taking this fact into account, we want to assume responsibility by inviting interested parties to participate in the growth of our enterprise.


Together we can achieve a lot! For the environment, for the generations to come and for greater sustainability.


Olive treeGood reasons for your financial participation


  • Your money helps supporting a bio-dynamic enterprise and international economic structures
  • You promote an agricultural economy free from genetic engineering
  • Your investment helps to create new jobs together with us
  • Together we set new social and ecological trends for a future-oriented development
  • Thus you invest in a responsible way, always knowing precisely where your money goes and you can harvest the fruits of your financial engagement, in the true sense of the word, in form of an interesting return.


Expected Return


Together with your shares you purchase an unlimited dormant partnership with the SEGAP public limited company.


One share costs 15,-Euro.


MountainsYour shares bear an interest rate of 5 and 7%. You can, however, do without interests in favour of our charitable organization, either to support one of our social projects or to help preparing additional fields for cultivation.


Interest rates are expected to rise to 10% with the cultivation of 30 Fedan, and to 15% with the cultivation of 65 Fedan. In addition, the value of your shares will increase in time with the fields bringing better yields.


After consultations with SEGAP you can sell your shares to third parties.