SEGAP - Siwa Egyptian German for Agricultural Production

How did it begin?


Lucerne cloverSEGAP is a union of Egyptian and European investors who have the same target, namely to promote organic farming. At the same time, various educational and social projects shall be established.


In the Siwa oasis land development was started in 2008. Technical studies have been commissioned, the results of which are available.


The first step was to build up a basic infrastructure such as drainage canals, irrigation ditches, main- and sideroads. A farmhouse was built as well as stables and agricul-tural machines were bought.


lucerne cloverOn the 5th of April, 2009, the formal foundation of the company was completed with the certificate of registration in the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce. Now thefirst 28 fields have been cultivated and clover.



SEGAP is member of the Egyptian centre for bio farming which is responsible for the assignment of the seal of quality "Natur-land" (nature land) to Egyptian farms. Naturland farmers and processors work according to the highest ecological standards which are stricter than those of the bio-seal.



EntwässerungsgrabenThe company has close personal contacts to Europe, particularly to Germany, and is intimately familiar with the quality requirements there.




We are looking for additional investors who support the bio production as dormant partners or partners and take over the marketing of the products in Europe.



Therefore, we cordially invite you to visit our organic farming project in the oasis of SEGAP. While you are there, we will give you a close insight into our company so that you can form yourself an opinion about our project.